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Build your own customer logo gift set and let us ship it to your clients or colleagues 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies across the nation have been forced to adopt a remote work setup. That means you don’t see your co-workers nearly as often. On top of that, trade shows and conferences have just about all moved to a virtual setting as well. While these adaptations are necessary to slow the spread of the virus, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your branding efforts.

It’s more important than ever to make your staff feel involved, and custom logo merch is the perfect way to do that. Company branded office supplies is also a great way to help your employees get their home offices up and running too! Plus, just because trade shows and corporate events have gone virtual, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make an impact by sending your clients and colleagues custom logo promotional products!

How Bundling and Direct Shipping Works

We know that ordering custom merch to your home or office and then individually mailing items to each recipient can be a pain. That’s why we’ve rolled out our brand-new bundling and direct shipping program. Just pick your products and we’ll decorate them, bundle them into a gift set, and mail them right to each of your recipient’s doors!

1. Select Your Products

Every product on our website is available for our bundling and direct shipping program, so build the custom logo gift set of your dreams! Just add your selections to your cart, upload your logo, choose your decoration method, and we’ll take it from there.

2. Provide Us with Your Mailing List

Traditionally, we have our customers provide us with one address to ship their whole order to. To make it easier for you we’ll ship each item or gift set to all of your recipients. Just provide us with each recipient’s name, address, and sizes.

3. Your Order is Customized with Your Logo

After you’ve placed your order, our decoration experts get to work stitching, printing, and engraving your logo on your merch. Each product is decorated based on your selected decoration method and logo placement preferences.

4. Individual Gift Sets are Assembled and Shipped

After we’ve decorated and inspected all of your items, we’ll sort them out into bundles for each recipient based on the sizing information you’ve provided. We then assemble them into gift sets, package them, and ship them right to your clients’ and colleagues’ doors.

Promo Pack Form

Simply fill out the form and in the notes section, tell us what items you have in mind and we will get in touch with you to schedule your FREE consultation. All consultations are FREE and no-obligation!

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